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Belgian Waffle Maker: My Personal Experience with the KitchenAid KPWB100OB Pro Line Waffle Baker

Thanks to the modern waffle makers and the most up-to-date models such as the Belgian Waffle Maker KPWB100OB Pro Line, making crispy and delectable golden brown waffles has become much easy and fun.

My kids love waffle just like their mum and dad – it is the family’s delight.

Belgian waffles offer crispy breakfast treat and have become a traditional breakfast fare in my home, especially on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I also love to send some across to grandma (waffles are still a great treat for her even at 90!), well packaged in an attractive jar.

The hassles involved in making great-tasting waffles have given way to great fun since I stumbled on the KitchenAid Proline Waffle Maker.

The Unique Design of the Belgian Waffle Maker KPWB100OB Pro Line

The unique design of this Belgian waffle maker attracted me when I embarked on a comparison shopping for waffle makers.

Unlike a couple of other waffle makers I compared, the KPWB100OB Pro Line has an attractive double-sided baking unit design.

So, as the unit rotates, the batter is able to coat both the lower and upper waffle plates, ultimately producing two mouth-watering golden Grand Belgian waffles.

What I Love Most about the Belgian Waffle Maker

When I needed to replace my previous waffle maker, I was particular about certain features that would help enhance my waffle making experience.

When I embarked on comparison shopping, I saw about two waffle makers that had some of those features but not all. I was about to make my decision to settle for one of those when my eyes settled on the Belgian Waffle Maker KPWB100OB Pro Line.

I sighed with relief when I noticed the product has all of the features I was looking for:

• It produces thick waffles – my previous waffle maker produced lighter waffles – some people may love it this way but I prefer waffles to be somewhat thick and fuller in my mouth than the fluffy types. Precisely, the Belgian Waffle produces two thick waffles (71/2 inch diameter x 1/14 inch).

• Stainless Steel – My old waffle maker was also stainless steel but poor quality stainless steel. I always had to use a stainless steel polish to keep it shining. On the other hand, the Belgian Waffle maker stainless steel is more superior, only minimal cleaning is required to keep it sparkling. The metal construction is die cast.

• The baking temperature is constant – it does not fluctuate like the waffle maker I used previously.

• It produces uniform waffles with excellent consistency – this is promoted by the clamshell baking, double sided unit flip.

• The waffle plates do not stick – this is perhaps my best feature. I always had to lavishly grease the waffle plates of my previous waffle maker to prevent it from sticking.

• The black onyx color complements my kitchen décor beautifully and promote minimal cleaning

Honestly, from the time I opened the box to the first set of irresistible waffles I baked with the Belgian Waffle Maker, I was VERY pleased with the product.

The Pros

Indeed, there are several attractive features that will make anyone fall in love with the Belgian Waffle Maker Kitchen Aid Pro Line. In addition to the great features outlined above, I found these additional benefits:

• Great timer
• Auto shutoff
• Larger unit than most brands, yet it does not occupy much space
• Heats up quicker – in just three minutes!
• Excellently working ready – light and thermometer
• Great alarm that serves as a reminder about the waffle’s baking status
• Easy to clean

The Cons

I thought all of the components would have been metal all through, I was a bit disappointed to see some plastic components.

Pricing Information

The product is no longer sold for $249.99. You can now get it at $199.99. And the best place to purchase is on Amazon.com

Final Verdict

I highly recommend the Belgian Waffle Maker KitchenAid KPWB100OB Pro Line.

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