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Best Belgian Waffle Maker: Is the Chef’s Choice M850 Select WafflePro Belgian Waffle Maker Really The Best?

If you are a waffle lover just like me and my family, you will be constantly looking out for the best waffle makers.

Homemade waffles are much easier to make than ever before, with the more modern and innovative waffle makers. When I stumbled on the Belgian Waffle Maker KitchenAid Pro Line that makes two waffles at a time, my reaction was “fantastic, it can’t be better than this!”

How wrong I was. With the Best Belgian Waffle Maker Chef’s Choice M850, you can make four delicious waffles at a go!

Since my family loves waffles a lot (and I even have to send some across to extended family members often – grandma said I make the best home-made waffles), I quickly had to upgrade from two to four waffles maker.

What Makes the Chef’s Choice M850 Waffle Maker Unique?

This Best Belgian Waffle Maker is a family size design, making it a great choice for both families and commercial users. I was really amazed that for the first time, I could bake four delectable deep pocket waffles at a go and in just 90 seconds!

Compared with the previous model and the other brands I used before, the Chef’s Choice M850 Waffle Maker is indeed a breakthrough unit.

Another aspect that grabbed my attention is the ability to adjust the temperature and baking time so that you can have your waffles customized just the way you want them.

First, I adjusted the temperature and time to make a fast bake that produced a crispy exterior as well as soft feel – my husband loved this variety!

I also tweaked the temperature and timing to make a slow bake that produced a uniform, crunchy texture – this variety is my first son’s delight.

I thought I was having fun baking with the double-sided Belgian Waffle Maker, the real fun is now here with the Chef’s Choice M850 Belgian Waffle Maker!

The Features that Make the Chef’s Choice M850 Waffle Maker Truly the Best

• Bakes 4 deep-pocket, delicious waffles in just 90-120 seconds
• Adjustable baking temperature and time – allowing you to customize your waffles like never before
• Automatic countdown  timer – fast recovery beeper to indicate “waffle ready”
• The over-flow channel is easy to clean
• Recipes included – varieties of waffles to experiment with
• Sleep mode
• Cord storage – allows you to pack the chord neatly
• Specially constructed waffle plate – unlike the previous model, you don’t have to flip your batter since the plate promotes even baking and optimal batter distribution.
• Non-stick waffle maker – the days of over-greasing the baking plates are over!
• Special edition lid
• Completely modern design – it complements any kitchen décor beautifully

The Pros

Obviously, there are tons of advantages and pluses that the Best Belgian Waffle Maker Chef’s Choice M850 provide over the previous model and over even some brands. For instance, I was highly thrilled by the following:

• It only takes few minutes to clean up after baking
• Makes four waffles at a time – this is a huge plus, especially for big families
• Professional recipe included – you can now treat your family to a wide variety of waffles
• Extensive and easy-to-understand instructions
• Fast baking
• One year warranty
• Neatly stores the power chord underneath, all wrapped up.

The Cons

The price tends to be on the high side compared to the KitchenAid KPWB100OB model. However, with the tons of updated features and superb abilities, the price is somewhat justifiable.

The Price

At $289.25, the Best Belgian Waffle Maker Chef’s Choice M850 is seen to be somewhat pricey. The best place to buy is on Amazon.com

Any Warranty?

The product comes with a ONE YEAR limited warranty.

Final Verdict

Best Belgian Waffle Maker Chef’s Choice M850 is worth having in your kitchen equipment collections.

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